DOAM Studio is a creative production team that specialises in turning a story or message into engaging, exciting and adventurous content (in the form of photography, videography & productions), designed to build engagement on the fast-paced world of social media and content-marketing.

Our Name
People around us had always asked, "Why the name DOAM Studio, and what does it mean?" Long-story short, DOAM stands for Darts on a Map; we believe that each dart landed on the map has its own story, either to be told or to be explored and unfolded. These metaphorical darts could be anyone, us taking on the world, or you telling your unique stories in your part of the world. 

Our Journey
Started from humble beginnings, we made our debut entry by filming Milkyway chasing adventures titled "Project Jalan Susu", to gradually taking up clientele projects to help convey their brand stories to the world. We look to further give you our best, be it a full-blown cinematic production experience, or to inspire you through our epic journeys.

If you wish to view our work offline, you can download our catalogue here