Businesses should tell better brand stories with better contents. Here's how you can do it.

There is not sales without a story.

All business owners can agree, the most effective way to sell isn't about hard-selling your prospects, but instead we should build a connection with them through storytelling.

Let them recognize your business like seeing a friend, tell them your story.

- A short introduction video we produced for Coffex and Sabarica about the story of their coffee beans.

We have observed that viewers online are more likely to engage with your brand if you have well-produced contents on your media platforms.

However we also understand that telling stories through high quality visuals might be too big of a challenge to do it yourself in a longer term, and here is where we come in.

- A long introductory video we produced for a seafood wholesale company - YS Seafood

We are proposing a bundle package of Videos and Photos for your business, capture your products, your facilities, your services, your stories, into eye-catching photos and videos, and provide enough contents for you to keep your social media active.

The best part of it, all of these will charge with a flat price.

- Short videos for IG reels/ IG stories or short post.

- Still photos we did for various brands, range from corporate photos to product photos.

We have come out with a workflow and sales package that can provide you with the best quality of contents with a reasonable pricing.

You may chat with our salesperson for further inquiry, we are more than happy to help you along your journey in becoming a successful brand.

Yours faithfully

Zac Lee

Director and Filmmaker of Doam Studio

You may visit the WORKS page for our past works.

Speak with me on Whatsapp : 0108976181

Reach me via Instagram : @zaczaclee

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