Dear F&B brands, is time to up your IG game.

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

"We are no longer a photo-sharing app." says Instagram founder earlier this month.

What does that mean and how it will impact your IG contents?

-A series of photographs we done for Otherwise Cafe

We have observed that Instagram algorithms are now favoring contents beyond a single photo post, towards the newly introduced IG Reels, IGTV, and short IG feed video.

However we also found out that simply flood your IG feed with tik-tok-like videos isn't going to help significantly on your branding. Instead, a combination of various type of contents might be the best way to shine.

That being said, you should upload a video (Reels/IGTV/Feed Video) for every 2-3 photo posts.

- A series of photographs we done for Urban Daybreak restaurant.

For F&B brands, the visuals of your product has become significantly more important nowadays.

However, we also understand that the process of creating a video will be far more complicated than just capturing a single photo, so this is where our service will come in.

We are proposing a bundle of photography and videography service for your food and beverages, capture and edit it into short, engaging, mouth-watering visuals, and provide enough contents for your monthly posting on your Instagram account.

- A series of food videos we did for Urban Daybreak Restaurant

The best part of it, is we are doing this with an extremely affordable price, and this will be only be available for F&B businesses.

We have come out with a workflow and sales package that can provide you with the best quality of contents with a reasonable pricing.

You may chat with our salesperson for further inquiry, we are more than happy to assist you along your journey in becoming a successful F&B brand.

Yours faithfully

Zac Lee

Director and Filmmaker of Doam Studio

Speak with me on Whatsapp : 0108976181

Reach me via Instagram : @zaczaclee

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