High Quality Contents vs Affordable Pricing, can we hit a sweet spot?

Short answer : Yes.

Long Answer : It all depends on what do you mean by "High Quality" and "Affordable"

When I first started up my filmmaking career 7 years ago, I was facing a difficulty in pricing my service, it is a common process for any rookie filmmaker. Clients are always demanding for a lower price but do not expect us to drop the standard of our works. It does feel like they were "bullying" us at some point.

Fast forward to today, I run a production company as the lead director, shooting A-list celebrities and has worked with few top class brands. However this does not stop the clients from asking the same thing : I want lower price, but I want higher quality.

A problem we trying solve for most SMEs

Due to the pandemic, the market is now in a relatively tougher time, as a company we are fully aware of this and is trying to create something we once thought were "unrealistic to execute" - that is, to fulfill our client's maddest dream : Giving top notch quality contents, but with price so low, it seems like a no brainer.

But hold on there a second, we are not going to put ourselves in deep water here, right? So there must be some catch to it. In order to achieve the "sweet spot", we must first understand what our clients want.

How can you as a client, spend less on content creating and still get good stuffs?

First question the client will ask is : How much to make a video/photo?

Well, any experienced creator will tell you it is hard to quote something so vague, there are no "fix price" for any video/photo, it always depend on the creative direction.

But what if there is indeed a fixed price?

Second question the client will ask is : I want the video to be nice/catchy/interesting/engaging, what can we do?

The typical answer will be : we can brainstorm this together, propose you a few ideas with different price point, and hopefully it is within your budget and able to execute it.

This whole creative process can take up to weeks and involve several professionals such as scriptwriter, storyboard artists etc.

But what if we don't go through this slow, long, and expensive period? What if we can still create something good without this?

What if. What if.
What if I told you, we have done it before?

A documentary about a Frozen Seafood Company, telling a story about their fresh caught and the life of their fishermen:

You see, in order to lower the price and up the quality, we must propose to cut away human resources and production time. It means that we must focus on creating a standard product and sacrifice creativity, because creativity takes time and money.

There is only one genre which can look amazing without any creativity : Documentary.

Telling your existing story, document your existing characters, at the same time staying unique, because everyone's story is unique, right?

Now is time for your third question : What if my story suck? My story isn't interesting, how?

Rest assure it won't be, because throughout my years of making documentaries, I have shot some really "ordinary" stories and present it well enough for the company and their potential customers. Because at the end of the day, we are not trying to make a Netflix series, we don't need to please everyone, we just need to get to the right person, and when the right audience view your contents, they won't find it ordinary, they just want to know more about you.

A documentary about Coffex and Sabarica, telling a story about the origin of their specialty coffee bean:

So, how to hit the sweet spot? Here is our propose solution : You let us know your existing story (eg. how you started it, the nature of your business, your vision etc.), I am sure you already very familiar with it. Then we come to your place, interview you and your team on camera, and shoot all of your products, manufacturing process, vehicles, management, environments, menu, you name it. After that we go back, spend some time on post production, and send you a beautifully-made video, a few other short videos, and a bunch of edited photos, enough for you to use for 1 year in your social medias and websites.

Here are some of the work we have done in terms of shooting for client's products and process:

On top of all this, you pay a flat fee. We do not ask how big is your company or what kind of product you selling, it will all be the same price. By doing this we save a lot of times, and saving time means saving money, but at the same time we can really focus on making the documentaries look as good as possible. Thus, we hit the sweet spot.

However, there is only one condition, you must first have a story to tell.

So, do you have one?

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