Sabarica - A story of  Malaysia grown coffee beans.

Coffex Malaysia, Sabarica

Film Director:
Qing Hui

Kyle Lowe

Sabarica is a company that farms and grows Arabica coffee beans in the Ranau District located in Sabah. 

Together with Coffex, one of the biggest coffee player in Malaysia, we are able to dig deep into the heart of the story. 

We flew our videographer and photographer into the farm located 1300m above sea level, where the soil is optimal for growing these unique type of coffee beans. 

We are able to capture and document every bit of this story and  present to the world about our very own type of coffee bean, which it has scored an extremely high score of over 83 marks.

The Founder of Sabarica, Jack Lee shares the story behind the name of the company and how the business works with the locals

Jack shares about the strategic location in Ranau for growing the Sabarica beans, and it is supervised and approved by experts from Europe.

Coffex, one of the biggest coffee player in Malaysia, shares their mission on helping to market and thrive the local coffee industry